Latin America

Brazil Universidade do Rio Grande do Sul Universidade do Campinhas Universidade do Valle to Itajaí Colombia Universidad Simón Bolívar Universidad de Cartagena Universidad del Magdalena Ecuador Escuela Politécnica del Ejército (ESPE) Universidad Laica Eloy Alfaro de Manabí Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial Mexico UNAM Universidad Autónoma Juarez de Tabasco Universidad de Campeche Universidad Veracruzana

North America

University of Massachussets Boston. CeiMar International Summer School: course in biomineralization (I and II editions) De Paul University. Summer courses for undergraduates at CeiMar (scheduled in 2017). Teaching staff exchange. University of Southern Mississippi. Students exchange agreements. Summer courses for undergraduates at CeiMar International Summer School (scheduled in 2017). Teaching staff exchange.


Besides each University’s own partners, which have the opportunity to work with CEI·MAR through them, CEI·MAR has started to built up an specific network of alliances in the areas of teaching (Erasmus+ mobility agreements), research (Erasmus+ KA2 and other call partnerships), research (H2020 and other EC calls) and cooperation. France Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Erasmus+ […]

Ceimar Seal of Excellence

The Seal. CeiMar aims at the excellence, as it own name states. Accordingly, CeiMar wants to highlight those of its partners that are worldwide known for its excellence, but also that work within the consortium at the highest level. For those special partners who fulfil the criteria established in its definition (Ceimar Seal of Excellence: […]

Our partners

CEI·MAR has built up and keeps on doing so a solid partnership with Universities all over the world. The aim of such an effort is to make of it a first line actor in the scene of marine and maritime research, covering all branches and fields related with the sea, from basic and applied sciences […]


CEI·MAR is an active institution in the Erasmus+ program, both in its KA1 and KA2 Actions. Ongoing projects are the following: KA1 Actions (Drop-down Menu: KA103; NEPTUNE; KA107; WACOMA; MACOMA): KA103 2015-16 Call (Project # 2015-1-ES01-KA103-014989): Credit Mobility for Students, and teaching and training mobility for staff and teachers. Aiming mainly but not only to […]


Besides each University’s own ongoing projects, the CeiMar Foundation – as the governance instrument of the Campus, pursues the building of partnerships with its European and non-European partners to apply to the main EC calls under the Erasmus+, H2020, Europaid, and INTERREG programs. Besides, CEI·MAR encourages its international partners to present proposals under their own national […]