Ceimar Seal of Excellence

  • The Seal. CeiMar aims at the excellence, as it own name states. Accordingly, CeiMar wants to highlight those of its partners that are worldwide known for its excellence, but also that work within the consortium at the highest level. For those special partners who fulfil the criteria established in its definition (Ceimar Seal of Excellence: Link to the pdf in english) of a high involvement with the consortium (double master degrees, double or joint Ph. D. programs, innovation projects, …) the Seal is awarded and they become strategic partners of the consortium, being the first to be contacted for every big action planned or scheduled.
  • Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM). The cooperation proceeds mainly through its Sea Sciences and Limnology Institute and through the Institute of Lingüistics (for the sub-aquatic archaeology area). (Home web page: unam.mx)
  • Universitá degli Studi de Ferrara (Italy). The University of Cadiz and the University of Ferrara share a double master degree in Coastal Management and Geo-resources (http://www.unife.it/international/education/double-degree/double-degrees-department-of-physics-and-earth-sciences/geological-sciences-ferrara-cadiz ) and a joint Ph. D. programme in Earth and Marine Sciences. (Home web page: http://www.unife.it/international ).
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