Our partners

CEI·MAR has built up and keeps on doing so a solid partnership with Universities all over the world. The aim of such an effort is to make of it a first line actor in the scene of marine and maritime research, covering all branches and fields related with the sea, from basic and applied sciences to humanities, from social sciences and law engineering, merging them and making of CEI·MAR the great hub where each partner all across the world can –globally– find other partner to achieve any research, academic or cooperation project.

CEI·MAR has a European voice, but because of the nature of its founder universities, it has also a strong feeling for North Africa and Latin America, based on its geographical situation as a natural bridge between Europe and Africa and the gate between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Besides, the cultural and historical links of their Universities with Latin America and the sharing of a common language and the enormous diversity of its coastal line makes of this area another strategic area for the development of the knowledge community of the Iberoamerican Knowledge Space (EIC), resembling the European Higher Education Area. Last, but not least, CEI·MAR is building up a network of partners in North America and Australia to complete a global network where excellence and competitiveness goes hand by hand.

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