The Maghreb

The Abdelmalek Essaâdi University is CEI·MAR‘s main strategic ally in the Maghreb, where our geographic proximity facilitates international collaboration in our university activities.
Our relationship with the Maghreb was initiated through the Coordination Office and the Strait of Gibraltar University Classroom, facilitating the implementation of CEI·MAR initiatives.
The Strait of Gibraltar University Classroom (AUE). Since its inception in 2000, with the participation of the City Council of Algeciras, Cadiz Provincial Council and the Santander Group, the AUE has become a benchmark for cooperation throughout the Maghreb, especially as regards promoting relationships with universities in northern Morocco. In 2010, the Cadiz Provincial Council’s Institute for Technological Development signed the «Cross-Border Campus of the Strait of Gibraltar» Agreement, funded by the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme, with the aim of implementing the «Together» project, the purpose of which is to strengthen collaboration between the UCA and the Abdelmalek Essaâdi University (Tangier-Tetouan) and identify key issues for sustainable development of the Strait of Gibraltar.

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