Post-Soviet Countries

The Hispanic-Russian University Classroom (AUHR). This university space was established in 2008 in order to carry out activities aimed at strengthening relations with Russia and other post-Soviet countries where Spanish and Russian occupy an important position, whether as the language of communication or of study. This Classroom is intended to provide a springboard for diverse […]

The Maghreb

The Abdelmalek Essaâdi University is CEI·MAR‘s main strategic ally in the Maghreb, where our geographic proximity facilitates international collaboration in our university activities. Our relationship with the Maghreb was initiated through the Coordination Office and the Strait of Gibraltar University Classroom, facilitating the implementation of CEI·MAR initiatives. The Strait of Gibraltar University Classroom (AUE). Since its […]


CEI·MAR is firmly committed to internationalisation with Ibero-American countries. The Spanish universities and the University of Algarve (Portugal) participate in this space. Contacts and information about activities are channelled through the CEI·MAR Coordination Office, which provides human resources and uses the contacts established through the Ibero-American University Classroom. The Ibero-American University Classroom (AUI). Founded in 2007 […]

Strategic locations

Since its inception, the CEI·MAR Campus has boasted an intrinsically international and cross-border nature through its member institutions, coordinating international teaching and research networks with certain geographic regions worldwide selected for strategic, cultural or even historical reasons, and constituting permanent university spaces carrying out international cooperation in education, research and management. Ibero-America The Maghreb Post-Soviet Countries

Internationalisation strategy

Since its very beginnings, CEI·MAR has had an international perspective of its own role. The consortium is the only Excellence Campus in Spain being a cross-border and trans-continental one at the moment of its creation. The five coastal Universities in Andalusia plus the University of Algarve (Portugal) and the Université Abedelmalek Essaadi (Morocco) only anticipated its […]

Doctoral programmes

The EIDEMAR International Doctoral School in Marine Studies was designed as an institutional structure. The main purpose is to organise various teaching, educational and research activities in CEI·MAR areas of specialisation and lines of investigation. One of the School’s main activities will be to attract students, lecturers, researchers and business professionals and to promote mobility, prioritising […]