Vocational Training students will be able to practice in hand UHU CEIMAR

The University of Huelva, through the Campus of International Excellence of the Sea (CEI · MAR) and the Territorial Education, Culture and Sports have signed a cooperation agreement in the framework of vocational training for students of training cycles may making practices in the laboratories of the University of Huelva.
Francisco Ruiz, Rector of the University of Huelva, and Vicente Zarza, Territorial Delegate for Education, Culture and Sport of the Junta de Andalusia in Huelva, have materialized the signing of this agreement will mean the consolidation of actions by the Onubense, addressed to complete the training of students of training cycles.
This is a specific program for the students of training cycles regulated vocational training conducted professional training module Workplaces (FCT) at the University of Huelva, specifically in research groups attached to cei · sea, the order that they implement the knowledge and skills acquired in the study centers in research groups at the University of Huelva.
This agreement aims not only from the university that as many performances are made for non-university students, but also improve their employability and entrepreneurial capacity.
Cei · mar, Campus of International Excellence coordinated by the University of Cadiz, has been the driving force behind this initiative, which shows that the institutions belonging to the same are aware of the importance for economic and social development of our regions has collaboration University-Vocational-business, collaboration should not be understood as a unidirectional but a triangle of relationships that fosters training, research, scientific and business innovation and therefore the employability of students and professionals.

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