University, business and society

The Entrepreneurship Programme is aimed at training young entrepreneurs through idea and project contests, the delivery of courses and the provision of a specialist consultancy office and staff. Each university provides offices and units to promote entrepreneurship:

Link to university entrepreneurship offices:

The spin-off promotion programme is aimed at encouraging the creation of technology- and human resources-based companies:

atrEBT® provides support to companies for developing ideas and projects, and operates through the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research, Technological Development and Innovation at the UCA via the Research Results Transfer Office. This support is aimed at:

  • Fostering an entrepreneurial spirit within the university community, particularly among UCA and CEIMAR Campus research groups.
  • Promoting the creation of technology- and human resources-based companies.
  • Promoting the integration of technology in human resources-based companies.

In 2012, CEIMAR participated in the atrEBT® awards organised by the University of Cadiz. CEIMAR has consolidated its presence in 2013 and has increased its participation in awards for business ideas and projects. The atrEBT CEIMAR call for proposals is open to all Campus universities.


Link to the call at VII Edición de los Premios atrÉBT!

Transfer Seminars for strategic sectors linked to marine and maritime activities

Transfer Seminars in Aquaculture organised by the IFAPA Toruños Centre in the context of CEIMAR (October 2013) (under construction)

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