Innovation strategy

Since its inception, the CEIMAR partnership has included a large number of universities, research organisations, educational institutions, technological centres and companies which participate in the activities associated with one or more of the Campus areas of specialisation.

An important aspect of CEIMAR is the creation, development and organisation of actions in the fields of research and transfer, the Campus’s main strength and where it enjoys the greatest international visibility, and to implement actions in those emerging areas that will meet research and development needs in the coming decades.

Thus, in a initial phase based on an analysis of Campus research groups and areas, existing or potential links with business and business needs in the Campus’s regional and social context, 12 strategic thematic clusters have been created which will conduct their own programme of activities:

  • 1. Oceanography Programme
  • 2. Marine Biotechnology Programme
  • 3. Aquaculture, Fisheries and other Living Marine Resources Programme
  • 4. Renewable Energies and Environment Programme
  • 5. Tourism and Sport Programme
  • 6. Water and Coastal Management Programme
  • 7. Maritime Logistics and Transport Programme
  • 8. Natural Spaces Programme
  • 9. Naval and Offshore Engineering Programme
  • 10. Design, Production and Software Programme
  • 11. Materials Programme
  • 12. Historical and Maritime Heritage Programme

The transfer action programmes and plans associated with these clusters vary according to the different the needs and potential of each area. In general terms, however, the CEIMAR transfer strategy is as follows:

  • The Entrepreneurship Programme is aimed at training young entrepreneurs through idea and project contests, the delivery of courses and the provision of a specialist consultancy office and staff
  • The spin-off promotion programme is aimed at encouraging the creation of technology-based companies
  • Training needs analysis of the business environment and promotion of training courses
  • Expert Forum in strategic sectors
  • Transfer Seminars for strategic sectors linked to marine and maritime activities
Transfer on campus

The Research Results Transfer Offices at CEIMAR member universities are responsible for managing, disseminating and optimising the results obtained by research groups.

For each university, knowledge of the business environment in their province, particularly the industrial sector, its problems and technology and training needs, is a key element in the link between business and university. The Research Results Transfer Offices are responsible for providing services aimed at consolidating this link and obtaining financial resources to improve the scientific and technical capacity of the research groups.

Link to the Research Results Transfer Offices at each university:

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