The UCA organizes the International Seminar Archaeology and Prehistory in Northern Morocco

Teachers and researchers will present the book «archaeological map of Northern Morocco» published by Editorial UCA

The University of Cadiz organizes tomorrow, Wednesday 27th, the International Seminar Archaeology and Prehistory in northern Morocco in the hall Simon Bolivar of the building Constitución 1812. The group HUM-440 investigation of the UCA present the book archaeological map of Northern Morocco , published by Editorial UCA.

The general coordinator of the Campus of International Excellence of the Sea CEI · Mar, Fidel Echevarría, director of University Extension and Publications Service of the UCA, José Marchena, will attend the event with teachers and scientific editors of the work, José Ramos and Dario Bernal and director of the Institut National des Sciences de l ‘Archéologie et du Patrimoine of Rabat, Aomar Akerraz.

The program will include two round tables on pre-Islamic societies and prehistoric archeology in northern Morocco.

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