The LABIMAR hosts Phycology practices of forty students from the University of Algarve

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This teaching comes within the framework of the CEI·Mar aggregation and highlights the benefits of integration of different universities and research centers in a larger consortium

A group of 41 students and two teachers in the second year of Marine Biology of the University of Algarve (Faro, Portugal) made these days in the Laboratory of Marine Research LABIMAR practices field Phycological (discipline that deals with the scientific study of algae). This group of students is under the supervision of professor at the Center of Marine Sciences of Faro, Rui Santos, director of the Department of Biological and Bioengineering and coordinator of the research group Ecology Marine Plant Sciences.

The teaching activity comes within the framework of the CEI·Mar, led by the University of Cadiz and the University of the Algarve as one of the founding partners, and highlights the benefits of the integration of different universities and research centers in a larger consortium, such as the campus of excellence, without forgetting that gives full meaning to LABIMAR like educational infrastructure to serve the entire scientific aggregation.

For this week of activities, they will have the support of teachers Department of Biology, Faculty of Marine and Environmental Sciences, belonging to CEI·Mar, including those found Ignacio Hernandez and Juan Jose Vergara, director of the Department of Biology of the UCA and LABIMAR, respectively.

The objectives of the practices are the collection, identification and characterization of species of algae, including making a herbarium, and the description of the vertical distribution (zonation) of the different species in the intertidal. Also, algae on the Cadiz coast, both the environment of the city of Cadiz (La Caleta) and an excursion organized by the CEI·Mar to visit the shores of the Strait of Gibraltar, Tarifa will be analyzed.

Students from Faro outputs alternate these activities with the natural environment and intensive laboratory in LABIMAR. It is scheduled for Friday 13th – morning – present the results of their work and, in the afternoon, depart back to Portugal. Visiting students also have the opportunity to enjoy the center of the city of Cadiz, where they stay.

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