Marine strategies of Spain, protecting the sea for all of us

Spain Marine Strategies are planning instrument of the marine environment and, through processing and effective implementation, is intended to achieve or maintain good environmental status of the marine environment by 2020.
The strategies are composed of five successive phases ranging from initial assessment of the state of the marine environment through the establishment of programs of measures by which it seeks to achieve environmental objectives previously defined. Application cycles of marine strategies are six 6 years and currently are in the first cycle 2012-2017.
The last phase of development of the Marine Strategies, the proposal and approval of programs of measures, is almost finalized and as a very important part of effective implementation, the MAGRAMA is conducting an information campaign, dissemination and knowledge about what are the marine strategies, and its importance as a tool for protection of the marine environment.
That is why the Division for the Protection of the Sea (MAGRAMA) has organized holding five informative workshops, one in each Spanish marine demarcation. These workshops are aimed at the administrations, local agents, experts, users of the sea, environmental associations, fishermen, tourism, etc., of each marine demarcation.
Recourse to the South Atlantic marine demarcation workshop will take place in Cadiz on July 14, 2016 (CEIMAR, University of Cádiz).
At all stages of development of the marine strategies it has been tried to give prominence to public participation processes. This has been particularly important during the design of the programs of measures, by holding multiple meetings with competent authorities, and holding workshops with experts from the scientific and environmental organizations.
Thus it has achieved a very significant contribution of different sectors and authorities involved as well as civil society. For all the above the MAGRAMA invited to participate in informative workshops of the Marine Strategies.
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