Aquaculture Laboratory

In the Andalusian Center for Marine High Education at the Puerto Real Campus in the University of Cadiz are available Aquaculture plant. This plant presents 900 m2 dedicated to breeding, the supply and use of experimental animal. Teaching and research activities of commercial species growing aquaculture and ancillary crops are coordinated. It is also equipped to receive guided visits with the aim of showing their activities to various social groups (associations, schools, etc.). Currently, this plant is accredited by Quality Management, R & D, Environment Charter Service according to different standards UNE. As for the teaching and training activities, Marine Plant Cultivation is a specialized classroom teaching degree «Marine Science» and the Official Master with Quality Mention «Master of Aquaculture and Fisheries: ACUIPESPA». In addition, the plant annually receives several students of CIFP «Maritime Zaporito» San Fernando (Cádiz) for the development of their training in workplaces of qualifications related to aquaculture production.

Since CEI·MAR obtained the status CEIR in October 2011, he has worked on the design of the Doctoral International School in Sea Studies (EIDEMAR) centers and associated facilities, documentation and regulation center in its organizational structure and the training and research activities to be associated. In addition, associated with the Campus of Excellence and EIDEMAR currently they have created new doctoral programs, of which two of them incorporate research that will use the plant Aquaculture  for doctoral specialized teaching:

– D. in Marine Science and Technology: ¾ Molecular and Cellular Biology, Genetics and Genomics of Marine Organisms ¾ Microalgae Biotechnology

– D. in Marine Resources: ¾ Basic and Applied Aquaculture

EIDEMAR associated with these programs and doctoral courses have been offered highly specialized training in fish farming and auxiliary crops as well as in advanced biological analyzes related to these crops. For the development of these courses was necessary to have relatively isolated environments of everyday activity of the plant maintenance and breeding species, spaces with adequate size to contain the equipment needed to develop crops and for the handling and implementation of measures associated practical activities of this training. Therefore, in a space inside the plant aquaculture we proceeded to design, build and equip two enclosures or «advanced classrooms experimentation» crop species, one for fish farms and another for auxiliary crops and in particular for zooplankton. The specific action consisted of:

– Design and construction of two classroom teachers specialized in aquaculture

– Internal equipping classrooms with cylindrical tanks for pelagic fish cultivation and special trays for growing benthic fish. Fish feeders. Lighting photoperiod

– Provision of pipes and pumping seawater to facilities

– Basic equipment for control parameters and metrics cultured organisms: scales, oximeters, conductivity meters

– System for observation and count fish eggs and auxiliary crops: stereoscope and video camera and screen

Tank crop plant

External funding for adaptation came from subprogram to strengthen the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports with a total budget of 120,000 euros.

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