III Seminar on Maritime History and Heritage

The three Associations ‘Cádiz Capitana del Mar’, ‘Caravel the Girl’ and ‘Gadinautas’, aim to publicize, defend, to value and do justice to history, ships and maritime heritage of the Bay of Cadiz. To do this perform various actions, such as: Research both maritime history as emblematic ships with virtual 3D recreations, book publishing and magazine articles, organizing exhibitions, conferences and marketing seminars, holding regattas and sporting events to promote sailing, all this work with other agencies associations and institutions.

For the third edition of this seminar which is held every two years, involved in organizing the Cei.Mar, Campus of International Excellence of the Sea, also with the invaluable collaboration of the University of Cadiz and the City of Cadiz. The venue will be the Castle of San Sebastian, particularly in the new facilities owned by the University of Cádiz (LABIMAR) provided by our council. This enclave could not be more appropriate for the seminar because it has maritime history and its inestimable heritage value.

Boletín de Noticias