I Aquariology Course CEI·MAR UGR

Course organized by the Mediterranean Centre. Vice President for University Extension.

Title: I Aquariology Course CEI·MAR UGR

Date: 12-16 September 2016

Location: Aula del Mar CEI·MAR UGR and Aula MS-1. (Basement of Mathematics Faculty of the University of Granada)

Link: https://www.ugr.es/~cm/accesos/gr50.html

– Possibility to Request Scholarship

– Possibility of Recognition of Credits ECTS Electives in Grades

Address: Luis Cruz Pizarro. Professor of the Department. Of Ecology. Cei coordinator? Sea at the University of Granada.

Ana Sanz Rus. Professor of the Department. Of Zoology. University of Granada

Course presentation

Maintaining captive aquatic organisms, especially fish, is an activity that man has been doing since the days of ancient Egypt. fish is then maintained, especially tilapias for human consumption and also for ornamental purposes other fish as mormínidos (elephant fish) considered sacred animals. In the early twentieth century appears the first treatise on modern aquarium hobby and since this now, thanks to technology and globalization have managed to keep all kinds of aquatic organisms in captivity. And not just for ornamental purposes but also for research, production of high value molecules for pharmaceuticals and other industries, outreach, teaching, and even for the development of programs of captive breeding of species with high ecological interest .

This scenario presents a scenario of possibilities of professional work in a sector increasingly tech day and with obvious needs more training. So far, few training offers in this field and at the University of Granada these opportunities are entirely absent.

The new legislation on handling of animals for experimental and teaching and new technologies in aquariology, require updating work and ongoing review of concepts which in turn must be transmitted in the most accurate and effective way to future professionals.

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