González Mazo, new president of the Governing Council CEIMARNET

The Network of Spanish Marine Campus of Excellence was established in January 2012 to improve its outreach actions scientific, educational, and transfer.

The rector of the University of Cádiz, Eduardo González Mazo, has been elected new president of the Governing Council of the Network of Campus of International Excellence Marinos of Spain (CEIMARNET). The meeting, held yesterday in Madrid and where different topics related to teaching, research and transfer thereof, was attended by the rectors of the universities of Vigo (Salustiano Mato), Polytechnic University of Cartagena (Alejandro Diaz Morcillo) were treated , Murcia (José Orihuela), Las Palmas (José Regidor) and the UCA.

CEIMARNET is participated by 14 universities and other public research organizations that are part of the four marine Campus of Excellence themed Spain: CEI.Mar, Mare Nostrum (Universities of Murcia and Cartagena Polytechnic), Campus do Mar (driven by universities of Vigo and Santiago) and Tricontinental Atlantic (universities of Las Palmas and La Laguna). It is a network created in January 2012 to coordinate the international projection and cooperation of participating campuses excellence in order to improve the quality of its scientific activities, teachers, transfer and dissemination.

So, are among its main objectives to achieve international leadership in education, research and transfer through aggregation, specialization, differentiation and internationalization of Spanish university and scientific system of marine environment; facilitate a process of synergy and learning among marine-themed add-ons that have been recognized as Campus of International Excellence; conducive to a stable relationship between participating campuses in CEIMARNET to coordinate their research and transfer clusters and their educational offerings; the collection and exchange of talents in the field of research, technological development and transfer of knowledge; creating mobility and training programs for students, teachers, researchers, administrative staff and services, managers and business professionals of the participating campuses; coordination of international doctoral schools; the organization of scientific activities or the establishment of thematic working groups.

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