Food engineering and technology

Víctor Manuel Palacios Macías

Hydrolysis of lignocellulosic matters for biorefinery.

Study about marine food resources and the development of new products.

Use of new natural activators in the industrial fermentations.

Influence of farming and winemaking techniques in the aromatic fraction of wines and their sensorial profile.

Studies and innovation in culinary and gastronomic technologies.

Study and implementation of new technologies in the biological raising process.

Study of metabolites of physiological and nutritional interest in fermentation products.

Optimisation and development of fermentation of industrial plants.

Kinetic study of photosynthetic micro algae production with food interest.

Tartaric, microbiological and oxidative stabilisation of products from the oenological industry

Exploitation of residues and subproducts from the food industry by fermentation.

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