Discovery of historical remains of tidal mills in the Columbus area of San Juan del Puerto

These remains have been found in the port area and colombina San Juan del Puerto as a result of the investigations is conducting David González Cruz -catedrático of Modern History at the University of Huelva and member of the Campus of International Excellence of the Sea (CEIMAR) .

This discovery allows to recover two examples of a technological ensemble hydraulic character who owned San Juan del Puerto in the Modern Age.

The archaeological remains of one of the two tidal mills have historical value that are located in the creek that ran by the farm that was exploited by the sister of Christopher Columbus at the time of gestation of the discovery of America, according to documentary evidence provided by professor David Gonzalez.

The second mill located tide is situated in the area of the salt marshes of San Juan del Puerto, within the port area running from the pier located on the quay of Buitrón to the existing pier next to the current stopping place of Renfe-ADIF.

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