Corrosion and protection

Francisco Javier Botana Pedemonte

  • Descriptive reports of historic metallic materials.
  • Chemical characterisation: characterisation of the chemical composition, detection and identification of minority components, identification of the material transformation processes.
  • Structural characterisation: preparation and metallographic studies (cut with diamond disk, metallographic polishing, inlaying in resin, chemical attack, observation and developing by optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy.
  • Mechanical characterisation: analysis of hardness, microhardness, folding, shearing and traction.
  • Advice on the development and application of new techniques for the stabilising and conservation of historic materials: design of electrolytic treatments, study of consolidating substances, adjustment of analytical systems in the treatment of objects coming from underwater.
  • Development in situ of works controlling the corrosion and information of underwater archaeological sites. Reports on the state of conservation of the sites, and advice and introduction of corrective measurements.
  • Training courses on conservation, analysis, instruments, materials and corrosion processes.
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