Conferencia de Excelencia "Time for Evolution? Implementing evolutionary approaches for the investigation of the biological implications of the ocean change"

La conferencia de Excelencia tendrá lugar el Miércoles 22 de Noviembre a las 12:00h en el Salón de Grados 2 de la Facultad de Ciencias.
Piero Calosi is Professor of Marine Biology at the University of Quebec in Rimouski (Canada). His
research focus is the investigation of marine invertebrates’ physiological and life-history responses to
multiple global environmental drivers (incl. warming, acidication, changes in salinity and
de-oxygenation), and the determination of their scope for further adaptation.
In the past few years he has established himself as one the world’s leading scientist in the
investigation of the ecophysiological responses of marine organisms under global changes. He has
also promoted the investigation of Global Change Biology using and evolutionary perspective. As
result, he was awarded with “CETL Plymouth University Sta Developmental Award”, “Ocean
Acidication – Commonwealth Development Award” in 2010 and “Ocean Acidication in Benthic
Communities – Commonwealth Award” in 2012.
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