Central services

In addition to the CEI·MAR marine and environmental science research centres, there are also various Central Science, Technology, Research and Scientific Instrumentation Services. There are an agreement between CEI·MAR institutions in order to facilitate the use of this service to the whole community. CLICK HERE.

UAL Central Research Service

The Central Research Service at the University of Almería (UAL) provides instrumental analysis units and laboratories equipped with advanced scientific equipment to support R+D+i conducted at the UAL, other universities, public research centres and authorities (OPIS) and private companies and individuals (PRI). The Service boasts highly trained technicians who are responsible of the instrumentation and provide research support to different users on request.

UCA Central Science and Technology Service

The Central Science and Technology Service, established in 1992 and located in the Faculty of Sciences on the Puerto Real Campus, houses most of the UCA’s main scientific equipment to facilitate the provision of R+D+i support. It is organised into six areas serving UCA research groups, other public research organisations and those private companies that request it. The main objective of this service is to facilitate researcher and company access to a variety of instrumental techniques through the provision of expert advice on the use and functions of the equipment, and to ensure its proper maintenance and operation. sccyt.uca.es

UGR Scientific Instrumentation Centre

As one of the «specific centres» envisaged under Article 21 of the current Statutes of the University of Granada, the Scientific Instrumentation Centre (CIC) provides instrumental support for scientific and technical research, and scientific advice on experimental techniques. The Centre also participates in specialist courses and in teaching experimental techniques on university courses, and provides services to other public institutions and public or private companies.

UHU Central Research Service

The Central Research Service (SCI) is a key element of the University of Huelva’s research policy, and consists of units and services specialising in instrumentation and the provision of basic materials for research in science, technology, humanities or other areas. The SCI’s scope goes beyond that of a purely UHU Department or Centre, and it also provides services to other public or private organisations. The SCI’s scientific infrastructure provides researchers at the University of Huelva with the facilities for conducting research, resulting in a greater volume of scientific production and the increased participation of our researchers in various regional, national and European programmes.

UMA Central Research Support Service

The Central Research Support Service (SCAI) is a University of Malaga (UMA) centre providing centralised and integrated scientific and technical support to research groups at the UMA, public institutions and private companies. Since its inception in the mid 1990s, the SCAI has established itself as a unit that endows the UMA with high added value, facilitating progress in the different lines of research and promoting the creation of new lines. It has also emerged as one of the leading indicators of the progress of research at our university.

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