On January 24, 2012 the representatives of the International Campus of Excellence of the Sea in Spain, signed in Cadiz the collaboration agreement for the creation of CEI·MARNET. CEI·MARNET is an Alliance that seeks to articulate the international projection of these Campus of excellence, promote a process of collaboration and mutual learning between the institutions that comprise it and establish a programme of joint actions. The CEI·MARNET network is constituted by 14 universities and public research organisations, which are part of the four Campus of international excellence of marine themes existing in Spain. It includes: the Campus do Mar (promoted by the Universities of Vigo, Santiago and A Coruña, the CSIC and the IEO, and also four Portuguese universities, as well as centers and technological platforms linked to the marine R & D); the Campus Mare Nostrum (University of Murcia and Polytechnic University of Cartagena); the Tri-Continental Atlantic Campus (Universities of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and La Laguna); and CEI·MAR (formed by the five universities of coastal Andalusia -Cadiz, Malaga, Huelva, Almeria and Granada-, the CSIC and the IEO; and several international, national and regional institutions dedicated to the study of the marine environment in its different aspects).


Achieve a European leadership in the field of training, research and transfer in marine topics.

Facilitate synergy and learning among the International Campus of Excellence.

Promote a stable relationship among the participants that allows increasing the overall impact of the initiative.

Promote the uptake and exchange of talent in the field of research, technological development and transfer.

Create mobility and training of students, teachers, researchers, technicians, managers and professionals from the companies that are part of CEI·MARNET.

Coordinate international PhD schools and create an International Doctoral School of marine-related studies.

Organize events; establish thematic working groups, as well as an annual meeting for common discussion and exchange.

Establish joint actions for dissemination and diffusion to society and the business sector.

Coordinate the systems of environmental monitoring existing within the participating institutions, which cover a great part of the Spanish coast.

Promote a specific Commission to plan and coordinate the requests of use of oceanographic vessels.

Facilitate multilateral cooperation with regional Governments as well as with the national and European institutions.

Generate knowledge, promote the approaching between science and decision-making at the political and administrative levels and advise the competent authorities in the field of sustainable management and exploitation of marine resources.

Encourage the exchange of information and cooperation with other international excellence universities.

Promote and lead the creation of a network of European Campus of excellence on marine themes.


The operational document of the CEI·MARNET includes eight working groups, each of them coordinated by a campus of excellence:

Presidency of CEI·MARNET: CEI·MAR

RD Strategic Projects: CEI Atlantic Tricontinental

Coordination of RD Infrastructures: CEI·MAR

Coordination of doctoral programs: FSU Campus do Mar

Masters coordination: CEI·MAR

Technology Transfer: FSU Campus Mare Nostrum

Employability: FSU Campus do Mar

Internationalization: FSU Campus Mare Nostrum

Dissemination and Social projection: CEI Atlantic Tricontinental

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