CEIMAR and Almeriport Bay Foundation have signed a collaboration agreement

Last February 2015 a cooperation agreement between the Bay Almeriport and CEIMAR Foundation was signed. Trinidad Cabeo, President of the Port Authority of Almeria and Vice Almeriport Bay Foundation, was responsible for signing the agreement with Diego Martínez Cano, who signed on behalf of CEIMAR.

The collaboration between CEIMAR and Almeriport has set an overall target for synergies between the two institutions and bring together actions to promote and research the marine environment and fishing Almeria. The Almeriport Bay Foundation, in addition to the promotion of services logístico- port of Almeria, seeks to improve logistics competitiveness of different economic sectors in the province, and among them is the fishing. The fisheries sector has undergone major changes to be put in value, and some of them have been in the hands of a new logistics.

David Soler, manager of the Almeriport Bay Foundation, points out that the main advantage of the signing of the agreement is to bring the academic and university research to agents of Almeria fisheries sector. The fishing dock of the port of Almeria has a lot of activity, and this is not entirely known by researchers from the UAL. The participation of companies, agents and institutions in European projects to help us reinvent the sector is in itself an advantage. With this agreement collaborations of various types are produced, and information flows that enrich everyone.

One of the planned activities is the presentation of port services the port of Almeria to students and teachers of different subjects in college. For the financial year 2015, namely on 17 April, we intend to hold a conference on new opportunities Fishing Sector of Almería, from the point of view of technology and logistics. These first contacts should facilitate future collaborations; the development of innovation projects in the framework of European aid programs is another of our joint aspirations.

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