Cadiz City Council will transfer to the University of Cadiz a space in the harbor to install five tents during the celebration of the Great Race

The University of Cadiz will develop exhibitions, workshops, lectures and screenings and will also feature a docking point for the research vessel UCAdiz.

The rector of the University of Cádiz, Eduardo González Mazo, and the mayor of Cádiz, José María González, today signed a cooperation agreement on the occasion of the celebration of the Tall Ships Race of 2016 Cadiz City Council has committed to give a space at the Port of Cadiz UCA activities for the dissemination of R & D and the dissemination of university academic offer. Also, the academic institution will have a mooring for UCADIZ oceanographic vessel, which will be exposed and will feature a program of visits during the event.

Thus, for the University of Cádiz to develop these outreach and dissemination, the City will transfer him during the days of the sailing event, from 28 to 31 July, five tents with the following technical characteristics: A tent of 100 square meters, a geodesic tent of 300 square meters, a rectangular tent of 150 square meters (20 x 7.5 m) and two square tents of 400 square meters each. All of them will be equipped with thermal conditioning, lighting and power supply.

Meanwhile, the University of Cadiz is committed to fleshing out all the assigned space, which will stretch 2,700 meters. And this, by conducting activities and exhibitions focusing on scientific dissemination and promotion of university studies taught therein. Specifically, the UCA displayed in the assigned space exhibitions, workshops, lectures and screenings. In addition, the realization of all the activities that will develop scheduling staff gaditana academic institution itself.

The mayor has highlighted this collaboration with the University of Cadiz, «a social agent first order and necessary for the development of citizens» and also has «its responsibilities and commitments of teaching, research and knowledge transfer, as it will highlight during the race. «

«We rely on knowledge, we are determined to open this event to all who have activities for everyone and that programming can recognize all locals and gaditanas». That is why Gonzalez has stressed that this event Tall Ships will be «more scientific more social more open to citizens how many have been held in the city Regatta, and. We do not want to be just a fun event, but it has spread, knowledge and a lot of participation, «he stressed.

The rector of the University of Cadiz thanked the City «ceded to offer all locals and visitors a taste of what we do and be able to spread our activities in R + D + i space.» It is, therefore, of «an exceptional opportunity for the dissemination of our academic programs, our research and our university transfer and services,» he added.

González Mazo has advanced a geodesic tent of 300 square meters will house the exhibition The UCA and the Sea, whose thematic content will revolve around the different poles of excellence Campus of International Excellence of the Sea (CEI · Mar): marine science and technology , marine resources, management and conservation of the sea and the cultural value of the sea. Furthermore, the presence of the University of Cadiz will have a tent for workshops childhood education, another for audiovisual projections and educational conferences, one with the academic offer and mechan UCA and a final with different exposures and Science and the Comic, Sea monsters, Our beaches 5 million years ago, Salinas, water Microorganisms, models of ships or exhibition of the Andalusian Centre for Underwater Archaeology.

In total, the University of Cadiz will have more than 100 volunteers during the event days, plus nearly a hundred teachers, researchers and administration and services. «Without the magnificent contribution and involvement of the university community would be impossible for our presence in the same,» said the rector. Finally, Gonzalez Mazo, wanted to invite «all locals and gaditanas to actively participate in the Great Race and enjoy this great holiday by the sea to be a great showcase of Cadiz and the UCA, the world».

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