Aula del mar

In November 2015 opened in the basement of Building of Mathematics at the University of Granada the Aula del Mar. This infrastructure is one of the facilities CEI·MAR in this University. Its basic mission is to channel, organize and promote all initiatives and related activities for teaching and research of undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of specialization areas of CEI·MAR and its projection in the social environment through the release (extension) of knowledge . The catalog of actions that have been developed include:

– Collaborations with various organizations and institutions with expertise in the study and management of the sea.

– Lecture, Virtual Congresses, seminars, etc.

– Formative programs and Summer Courses

– Practical training activities included in undergraduate and postgraduate subjects, relate to the sea, as well as work end of degree and Master’s Thesis work (TFG, TFM)

– Teaching innovation projects

– Activities related to scientific production, temporary exhibitions of the CEI·MAR

– Provision of specialized services to companies

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