Drugs, Environmental Toxics and Cellular Metabolism

José Antonio Lupiáñez Cara jlcara@ugr.es, evaevae@ugr.es Study of anti-cancer potential of natural products derived from olive oil and byproducts Regulation of intermediary metabolism and protein turnover Functional proteomics associated with various pathologies Gene regulation by microRNAs in cancer Cell proliferation and differentiation Molecular pathways involved in angiogenic processes Biochemical characterization of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant

Biotechnology of marine micro-algae

Emilio Molina Grima emolina@ual.es Cell Cultive Marine Sponge Cultive Development, control, operation, and scaling up of photo-bioreactors to pilot plant for biomass micro-algae production Extraction, concentration and purification of polyunsaturated fatty acids of large chain Estructural lipids obtention