Platform for Blue-Growth

The Platform for the Blue Economy includes representatives of various institutions, companies and research centers related to the sea in Andalusia. There are entities in each of the provinces Andalusian coast and large, small and medium companies and technology centers and business associations, and CEI·MAR.

The companies are as follow:

Albareros: small company dedicated to the enrichment of salt for food under the brand Comensal.

APM Terminals: multinational logistics company, one of the largest operators in the world, specializing in container transshipment.

Asociación of companies of marine aquaculture in Andalusia (ASEMA).

Association of Greats Industries of  Campo de Gibraltar (AGI): Business association encompassing all major industries Campo de Gibraltar, the second most important industrial center of Spain, with a strong commitment to innovation; only in 2015 AGI companies invested 12.4 M € in innovation.

Port Authority Bay of  Cadiz (APBC): The Harbor of Cadiz noted for bulk traffic, transit and cruises. Today is the second port of call and cruise traffic in Spain, alongside that of Málaga, with a number of next cruise passengers to 420,000 in 2015.

bahiaAlgPort Authority of Bay of Algeciras: The Harbor of Algeciras is the most important of Spain in container traffic, the third of the entire Mediterranean and the fifth in Europe.

Port Authority of Huelva (APH): The Harbor of Huelva is the largest in Spain, with 1,700 hectares, with a high specialization in liquid bulks, which places it in the top 10 of Spanish ports.

Port Authority of Motril: This Harbor on the East Coast of Andalusia with a significant import and export activity of companies located in their area of influence, as well as fishing and growing cruise. The impact of this port is observed that generates 15% of all employment in the Costa Tropical.

Bionaturis: Biotechnology company, placed in Jerez, which is dedicated to the development and production of biological medicines for human and animal health.

Carbures: Multinational company with origins in a spin-off of the University of Cadiz, whose line of initial business was the aviation industry but has since diversified to other sectors, with the intention of extending the naval, specializing in composites.

Aquaculture Technological Centre in Andalusia (CTAQUA)

Advanced Tecnological Center in Renewable Energy (CTAER): Technology center of renewable energy placed in Almería and with facilities in Jaen, Almeria and Seville.

Centro Tecnological center of Turismo, leisure and quality of life (TECNOTUR)

dragadoDragados Offshore: Spanish multinational with factories in Algeciras, Cadiz and Mexico leading contractor (EPC) in engineering, procurement, and construction industries of oil, gas sector and other energy sector.

EnerOcean: It is an Andalusian-based technology company placed in Málaga, with a clear focus on sustainable development through the use of renewable energy technologies, especially those from the seas and oceans.

OceanEsteros de Canela: Company in the aquaculture sector placed in Huelva.

Mariscos de Estero (MARESA): Small company of the aquaculture sector placed in Huelva.

Navantia: Large shipbuilding company.

NavantiaPiscifactoría de Aguadulce: Included in Culmarex group, it is the largest farm in Andalusia and one of the biggest producers of Spanish coastline bream and sea bass. It consists of 36 cages for fattening of bream and sea bass and a platform for power, and is located in the Bay of Almeria, in the area known as the Palmer.

PisciSalinas San Vicente: Small company dedicated to salt and seafood cuisine placed in Cádiz.

Torre Tavira: Tourist Company.

Viajes El Corte Inglés: Tourist Company.