The Strait of Gibraltar and its adjoining ocean basins environment is one of the most important geographic and geostrategic points worldwide. It represents a bridge between seas (M. O. Atlantic and Mediterranean) between continents (Europe and Africa), between countries (Spain, Morocco), and it is one of the busiest shipping routes, becoming mix of cultures, trade, interest, etc. In this unique location, The University of Cadiz (UCA), has been the driving force behind the creation of THE INTERNATIONAL CAMPUS OF EXCELLENCE IN MARINE SCIENCE CEI·MAR. The University of Granada (UGR), The University of Huelva (UHU), the University of Malaga (UMA) and other local bodies and institutions related with the marine research (CAS, CSIC, IEO, IFAPA, ROA, IHM and ARQUA) have collaborated in this joint project.

Furthermore, the study and management of the sea off the coast of southern Spain would not be complete if it were not done in unison with the Portuguese and Moroccan coast. Thus, the University of Algarve (UAlg) (Portugal) and the University Abdelmalek Essaâdi (UAE) (Morocco) work together with the Spanish universities and institutions in the management of this project, providing a strong cross-border and international aspect to the Campus.

The project granted in 2011 is nowadays a reality that structures the marine activity in Andalusia, englobing all the specialized knowledge in CEI·MAR, becoming in just a few years an international benchmark in teaching and research in marine issues included in Science, Engineering and Humanities. All this aggregation of information managed by CEI·MAR enable to channel solutions to those societal challenges derived from the marine aspects in both ocean basins connected by the Strait of Gibraltar.

CEI·MAR is a meeting point and collaboration center between researchers and institutions. It is a campus that continually strives for excellence and the forefront of its activities. It has become a specialized and creative campus; a campus committed to its institutions, territory and society. It is also a diverse, international and multicultural campus; a supportive and sustainable campus. In short a campus for all and of all.

CEI·MAR is a unique project that forms the great “Campus del Mar”.