National Autonomous University of Mexico

CEI·MAR, insofar as international aggregation of knowledge about the sea in all its aspects-teaching, research, transfer of territorial development, social responsibility-maintains a policy of excellence and generating international partnerships that reflect this orientation. The aim of CEI·MAR is to become an international reference in the field of marine and maritime studies and become a magnet for talent in the institutions that comprise both founders as those Institutions reference to which grant them Seal of Excellence, are engines of such actions and recipients of benefits such joint action reports.

Under these assumptions, the Seal Badge of Excellence CEI·MAR born with the aim of distinguishing institutions, national and international, public and private, committed to the goals, mission and vision of CEI·MAR and able to contribute, through of the opportunities offered by the campus of International Excellence of the Sea, to the strengthening of CEI·MAR; while adding to their own activities involved recognition advertise consideration as reference institution for the Campus of Excellence.

The purpose of the Seal of Excellence is to become a certified reference both nationally and internationally, to strengthen the recognition of institutions committed to teaching, research, transfer and innovation in the marine and maritime fields. To this end, the identification of the institution with CEI·MAR is articulated, favoring their incorporation into the activities of the Campus and institutions that compose it and making participant in the aggregation model designed CEI·MAR.

In turn, the Seal Badge of Excellence CEI·MAR is conceived as an opportunity for the institutions that obtain access in priority to relationships and the opportunities offered by the Campus and all the entities that comprise conditions.

The National Autonomous University of Mexico has received on 6 November 2015 Seal of Excellence CEI·MAR, recognizing it as an institution of reference CEI·MAR. In accordance with the protocol for the label, we evaluate the intensity of relations that UNAM has with CEI·MAR, particularly with the University of Cádiz, projecting institutional collaboration in actions related to teaching in interuniversity degrees, the teaching of doctoral training activities, conducting courses of excellence, the design of joint curricula and development of common research policy.

Thus, the Campus of International Excellence del Mar rated “excellence in teaching, research, transfer and social diffusion that National Autonomous University of Mexico done in the field of marine and maritime disciplines”. A university whose “recognition and prestige, both nationally and internationally,” has revealed “an active policy of internationalization” in order to “establish cooperation agreements with other academics to develop joint initiatives and training centers research “, as in the case of marine and maritime studies.

The Seal of Excellence CEI·MAR UNAM was agreed unanimously by the Executive Committee of the CEI·MAR Foundation held last October 28. In reaching this decision, they have taken into consideration the close ties of cooperation in science linked to the sea with the University of Cadiz and, through it, to the campus of International Excellence of the Sea, CEI·MAR. Intense collaboration that offers the best scientific possibilities for the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the University of Cadiz and CEI·MAR. Similarly, CEI·MAR has emphasized that the academic activities developed by the National Autonomous University of Mexico has an undeniable relevance for science, culture, development of peoples and social progress.

The actions fall within the scope of academic and scientific cooperation by establishing joint curriculum development agreements at Masters and PhD, as well as the joint organization of scientific events:

– Double Masters degree in Marine Sciences and Limnology and Oceanography UNAM and / or Aquaculture by the UCA.

– Double degree of Doctor (Ph.D..) In Marine Sciences and Limnology at UNAM and Marine Science and Technology and / or Marine Resources by UCA

– Marine UCA-UNAM International Studies Conference