17763000783_0f336f8410_zThe ultimate aim pursued is to strengthen the linkages and CEI·MAR with business and society in general, showing a vocation of service to the progress of society and the regional territorial development, which has translated into a boost to the business innovation, for increasing the competitiveness of enterprises, generating wealth and employment. This would have created stable bonds that go beyond the classical conception of transfer of research linked to the performance of researchers demand a company to solve a particular problem. To do this within the CEI·MAR has promoted a series of actions corresponding to the following main lines:

Promote a close and stable connection between the business and scientific aggregation.

Determine Priorities in R + D  of Science-Technology-Enterprise system in marine-maritime field.

Develop a catalog of technological capabilities CEI·MAR of interest to business innovation and disseminate them.

Promote institutionally by CEI·MAR, innovation projects for the preparation and implementation of projects of business innovation.

Formation of interdisciplinary and interagency groups for research and innovation. centered in blue tourism, harbor logistic, maritime transport, live resources exploration, health and sea, marine renovable energy, vessels and Off Shore industry.

European level position our applied research to the needs of business innovation.