Doctoral programmes

The EIDEMAR International Doctoral School in Marine Studies was designed as an institutional structure. The main purpose is to organise various teaching, educational and research activities in CEI·MAR areas of specialisation and lines of investigation. One of the School’s main activities will be to attract students, lecturers, researchers and business professionals and to promote mobility, prioritising actions in the international area. It will also generate effective activities, resources and procedures that promote teaching and research of excellence through various interdisciplinary and inter-institutional relationships maintained by CEI·MAR.

Doctoral Programmes and Lines of Research

EIDEMAR was launched with four highly specialised doctoral programmes in the field of marine studies, which encompass 17 lines of research and 227 researchers, of whom 45 are from 13 different countries.

Marine Sciences and Technology Dr. Javier Gracia Prieto (
Biogeochemical Processes in Coastal and Continental Systems Responsible: Dr. Abelardo Gómez Parra (
Physics and Geodynamics of the Ocean and the Earth Responsible: Dr. Javier Gracia Prieto (
Geodesy and Geophysics Responsible: Dr. Manuel Berrocoso Domínguez (
Sedimentation in Marine Environments Responsible: Dr. José Manuel Gutiérrez Mas (
Structure and Dynamics of Aquatic Ecosystems Responsible: Dr. José Lucas Pérez Llorens (
Molecular and Cell Biology, Genetics and Genomics of Marine Organisms Responsible: Dra. Laureana Rebordinos Gonzalez (
Microalgae Biotechnology Responsible: Dr. José Antonio Perales Vargas-Machuca (
Energy and Environmental Efficiency and Best Technologies of Marine Facilities Responsible: Dr. Enrique Nebot Sanz (
Marine resources Dr. Antonio Medina Guerrero (
Basic and Applied Aquaculture Responsible: Dr. Juan Miguel Mancera Romero (
The Use of Live Marine Resources Responsible: Dra. María Milagrosa Casimiro-Soriguer Escofet (
Marine Management and conservation Dr. Melquiades Casas Ruíz (
Biodiversity, Conservation and Management of Species and Habitats Responsible: Dr. Juan Lucas Cervera Currado (
Anthropogenic Impacts, Environmental Protection and Global Change Responsible: Dr. Julián Blasco Moreno (
Maritime Transport and Law, Port Management, Logistics and International Law of the Sea Responsible: Dr. Antonio Manuel Rodríguez Chía (
Maritime History and Archaeology Responsible: Dr. Darío Bernal Casasola (
Maritime Archaeology Responsible: Dra. Alicia Arévalo Gonzalez (
Archaeological Science Responsible: Salvador Domínguez Bella (
Maritime History Responsible: Dr. Manuel Bustos Rodriguez (
Historic and Cultural Landscapes Responsible: Dr. Lázaro Gabriel Lagóstena Lagos (

The potential of EIDEMAR‘s integrated research teams and the objective value of their quality indicators (six-year research periods, PhD thesis, research projects and scientific production in the last 5 years) highlight the excellence of these doctoral programmes.

Six-years research period 135 42 114 72 363
 % Six-Year Research Period 92% 93% 94% 93% 93%
 Researchers (internationals) 85 (11) 40 (13) 59 (5) 43 (16) 227 (45)
 PhD Thesis 81 34 74 20 209
 Projects 25 15 19 15 74
 Publications >300 >200 >600 >1000 >2100
 Institutions 12 7 8 4 21
 Countries 9 6 5 7 13

The Doctoral Programme in Marine Sciences and Technology is directed by Javier Gracia Prieto, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Earth Sciences at the UCA, and has 85 researchers, including 11 from 9 different countries. more

The Doctoral Programme in Marine Resources is directed by Antonio Medina Guerrero, Professor of Zoology in the Biology Department at the UCA, and has 40 researchers, 13 of them from 6 different countries. more

The Doctoral Programme in Marine Management and Conservation is directed by Melquiades Casas Ruiz, Professor of Applied Physics at the UCA, and has 59 researchers, including 5 from 5 different countries. more

The Doctoral Programme in Maritime History and Archaeology is directed by Dario Bernal Casasola, Senior Lecturer in Archaeology in the Department of History, Geography and Philosophy at the UCA, and has 43 researchers, 16 of them from 7 different countries. more

The CEIMAR – EIDEMAR Connection

The four EIDEMAR doctoral programmes are linked to CEIMAR‘s five areas of specialisation and the CEIMARFoundation’s 12 actions, as illustrated below:

programas doctorado eidemar