Capabilities in R&D


The work undertaken with the companies have been mainly done through the Technological Platform named Platform for Blue Growth, set up in 2013. As a result of this work, we have identified the core priorities in R&D of the Science-Technology-Business System in the marine-maritime sector as draw out in the 29 innovation priorities sheets of the document The Blue Economy in Andalusia, according to the classification done in the sheet B.4. This first document has its continuation with the drawing up of the CEI·MAR Technological Capabilities Catalogue of Interest for business innovation and the dissemination of the capacities, finished in 2015.

This catalogue, has established a taxonomy of the CEI·MAR transfer capabilities to the entrepreneurial network, always with the intention of fostering business innovation, economic growth in the geographical areas of influence of the campus and creation of employment. This classification of capabilities enables companies to be aware of the field of research in which the university and CEI·MAR scientific centers are working in, and how this knowledge can be of use to innovate their businesses. However, this catalogue is also working backwards, as it informs the scientific institutions about the problems and the technological needs of the companies, bringing them closer to the researchers.

The Capabilities in R&D Catalogue enables any company to become familiar with the technological capabilities of CEI·MAR that can be of interest to innovate their businesses. This catalogue focuses on 14 large issues derived from the 5 main areas in which the productive activity of the Blue Economy can be organized (Exploitation of the natural resources, Port Logistics and maritime transport, shipping industry and offshore, Marine Renewal Energies, Tourism linked to the sea) and the management of the see and its cultural heritage. The issues taking into account are as follows:

– Marine Aquaculture.

– Marsh and salt pans (salinas)

– Fishery

– Byproducts of a marine origin

– Water resources and Marine minerals.

– Port Logistics.

– Maritime transport.

– Shipping industry and offshore.

– Operational Oceanography

– Marine Renewal Energies

– Tourism linked to the sea.

– Underwater Archeology, Maritime History and coastal heritage.

– Marine Risk Management

– Territorial management

Each of these areas, are in turn divided in lines of transfer or innovation fields. Finally, each area is associated to a group of research in different disciplines and from different institutions within CEI·MAR working in these issues

To download CEI·MAR Capabilities in R&D Catalogue, please click on the link.