Sampling with the next generation of marine scientists

CEI · Mar has organized a summer school on the analysis of metals in the oceans with 39 graduate students on board the ‘Intermares’ school vessel While society begins to demand greater attention to the oceans, science continues to follow the path that oceanographers have traced since more than a hundred years now. Global climate […]

Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellows.

Deakin University is now calling for 2018 Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellows. The objectives of this schemes are: ・ To recruit or retain early career researchers who demonstrate outstanding track records relative to opportunity ・ To support talented early career researchers whose areas of research interest directly align with research priorities at Deakin University ・ […]

Initial training and professional development of teachers

José María Cuenca López 959219263 – 657100844 Myriam J. Martín Cáceres ( Antonio Lorca Marín ( Raquel Romero Fernández ( Heritage Education and Communication Historical and cultural landscape Maritime history


Juan Aurelio Pérez Macías 959219094 – 630704084 Juan Luis Carriazo Rubio, Juan Aurelio Pérez Macías, Antonio Mira Toscano, Juan Villegas Martín, Aquilino Delgado Domínguez, Jesús Hernández Sande, Rubén Fernández Rentero, Elena Caetano Álvarez, Explotation of marine resources in ancient and medieval times Naval History Coastal fortifications History […]