Analysis and design of processes with supercritical fluids

Enrique Martinez de la Ossa Fernández

  • Study of the phase equilibriums of solids and liquids with supercritical fluids.
  • Generation and encapsulation of micro- and nanoparticles from compounds of pharmaceutical interest using supercritical fluids.
  • Supercritical extraction processes for obtaining compounds of industrial interest from byproducts and agricultural waste products.
  • Production of vegetable oils for human consumption, or manufacturing of biodiesel through supercritical extraction and reaction.
  • Obtaining of antioxidants, sweeteners, aromas and natural colouring for food through supercritical extraction of plants.
  • Treatment of industrial wastewaters dumping by hydrothermal oxidation, both at sub-critical and supercritical conditions.
  • Removal of sewage sludge by supercritical water oxidation.
  • Removal of non water-soluble organics by oxidation in supercritical water.
  • Energy exploitation of organic wastewaters and biomass by hydrothermal gasification
  • Analysis, modeling, simulation and design of industrial processes with supercritical fluids.
  • Hydrothermal gasification of organic waste for the production of gas fuel.
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