Maintenance work of the UCadiz in the shipyard of Barbate generates nearly 100 jobs

UCA and CEI·Mar will have the first oceanographic vessel of Andalusia. The integrated action on the ship and installation of scientific equipment has helped the local companies with electrical, mechanical, plumbing, refrigeration or chandlery activity.

After five months of intensive work, almost a hundred workers who have been responsible for the remodeling and installation of scientific equipment of last generation in the UCADIZ end these days a complex task that has involved various professional and will make this, initially, fishing boat in the first oceanographic vessel of Andalusia. These efforts, made on the premises of Astilleros Pecci of Barbate, have been made possible thanks to funding of 1,821,351.29 euros obtained through the 2014 call scientific strengthening of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of the Government of Spain and the International Campus of Excellence of the Sea.

To this end and with the coordination of the University of Cadiz and the CEI·Mar, it has followed a meticulous plan of actions whose development, in addition to the generation of about a hundred jobs between direct and indirect, has favored an important economic activity auxiliary enterprises in the province of electronic components, mechanical, plumbing, refrigeration, air conditioning or chandlery. After the tasks of painting and installation of various equipment in dry dock, the ship happened today to the water to make a final phase preflight operating all navigation devices and scientists before undertaking his first oceanographic campaign, expected within a few weeks.

The UCADIZ, owned by the UCA, with 25 meters long and 7.5 manga, will strengthen the scientific infrastructure of the University of Cadiz and the CEI·Mar and immediately made available to the scientific community to advance Campus jobs research in various fields such as oceanography, Nautical and Underwater Archaeology, water management and sea, etc. At the same time, it will constitute a resource of great benefit for teaching degrees and specialized master’s degrees in marine and maritime studies taught at present in it.

It is therefore an indispensable equipment, long demanded by researchers from the UCA and CEI·Mar, unprecedented in our university system and Andalusia. This provision results in a clear improvement of scientific Campus. The intervention project has seen four main actions: remodeling to adapt workspaces and habitability of the crew and scientists; tuning engine room and electrical installation; acquisition and installation of bridge equipment and provision of basic scientific equipment with capacity for studies in various marine areas (coastal / shelf / slope).

Thus, the UCADIZ will dry and wet laboratory for oceanographic campaigns, equipment integrated navigation radar installation ARPA bridge filing system electronic charts (ECDIS), information display navigation data, system of government ( gyroscopic / Auto), GPS / DGPS receiver, honeycomb alarm, depth sounder, speedometer, wind and GMDSS radio console in its different versions and coverage areas.

In addition, scientific equipment includes, among other provisions, self-contained for shallow waters, portasal salinometer, current profilers 75 kHz and 600 kHz, thermosalinograph, fluorometer, weather station, CTD probe CTD with oceanographic wire, probe CTC multiparametric with oxygen sensors and turbidity, an advanced camera for deep electromechanical sensors auxiliary cable or a novel operated underwater vehicle from the vessel (ROV).

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