CEI·Mar organizes a specialized seminar on R&D + i in Antequera

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Researchers at various universities and centers of the International Campus of Excellence of the Sea addressing innovation projects in sectors such as tourism interrelated, biology or energy.

CEI·Mar Foundation organizes these days a specialized seminar on R & D + i in Antequera. In this cross-meeting with researchers from universities and centers that make up the International Campus of Excellence of the Sea five thematic blocks will be addressed: intelligent tourism, heritage and coastal management, exploitation of marine living resources, integrated port management, marine renewable energy and health and sea.

The seminar aims to examine in depth how you can promote joint work by teams or multidisciplinary aggregations that allow «the development, growth and emergence of new production technology lines» for through R & D and transfer of results the environment, highlighting the social value of the sea. An innovation for interrelated and sectors from various fields such as physical oceanography, engineering, computer science, geology, ecology, environmental technologies, renewable energy, food technologies, medicine, public health, biology, history, archeology, marketing, law, economics , etc.

The Vice Chancellor Transfer and Technological Innovation of the University of Cádiz, Francisco Javier Pérez, accompanied by his namesake in Research of the UCA, Casimiro Mantell, the general coordinator of the CEI · Mar, Fidel Echevarría, and the manager of the Foundation, Ana Arellano has welcomed participants at the opening ceremony.

The program, which takes place over three days, including a large roster of speakers from both the academic and scientific pro-business environment and public administration.

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